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Reviews from our clients...

“Laura is so easy to work with! I never feel like the mathematical dunce that I am when reviewing my books with her. She has taken such great care of my business books for the past 2 years. I am very grateful that we found her!

”  - Laura J.

“Laura is a goddess. She helped me with an Offer In Compromise with the IRS that was 100% successful. There is a LOT of paper work, phone conversations with each department to make sure that each department knows what the other one is doing, and just plain wondering through the maze of the IRS. And Laura did it all, and did while holding my hand and keeping me calm. I know that Laura gives each person that she works with her 100% attention and not worrying about the IRS no matter comes is a big accomplishment, and I could not have done this without Laura. Thank you again Laura.”  - Susan B.

“Laura took my business partner and I on as clients when our books were a complete and utter mess (thanks to a previous bookkeeper). She is amazingly patient, and a very thorough bookkeeper. I now use her services for my two businesses. 
Laura charges a fair price, and got the job done in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend P&L Bookkeeping and Tax Specialists to anyone looking for a trustworthy tax specialist!” - Melissa J.

“I run Operations for two separate entities with budgets well into the millions. I also have my own entity with corporate office in another state. My needs are complex and demanding, often brutally hard on all involved.

I have never worked with anyone as competent and dedicated to service as Laura Tachis. She is the picture of above and beyond and I would highly recommend her to anyone with a sincere desire to get organized and get in compliance. 

Laura is the real deal.

  - Joe L.

“I’m thrilled with the speed, accuracy, friendliness, professionalism and availability of Laura at P&L. Without wasting either of our time she did a wonderful job making sure my return was maximized and provided forward looking advice. Best of all, she worked well exclusively via email after an initial in-person meeting. I’m sure she’s wonderful to work with exclusively in person or over the phone as well. P&L will get my business again next year!” - Trent B.

“I work for a large bank and Laura Tachis has been an incredible resource in terms of providing me with accurate and timely finacials for our mutual client. We were ultimately able to approve a loan for our client due in no small part to Laura’s efforts. I would definitely recommend P&L to all of my clients.
” - Mike W.

“I am a long time customer of P & L Tax specialist because they know their business well and do it very well. I could focus on developing business knowing that the book keeping part is is in good hands.”  - Greg E.

“We live in the north Georgia mountains. A friend of ours in California recommended Laura for a special tax issue. Even though there is 3000 miles between us, Laura made this experience seem like we were across the street. We were always able to reach her with any questions. Needless to say the ISSUE is in our rear view mirror. We do recommend P and L without reservation.
- Jim and Joyce.

“Laura makes this stuff look easy. She was able to work with my schedule and wrap up my taxes in 20 minutes, on the weekend, btw! I will definitely be back next year.”  - Aaron D.

“Laura at P&L Bookeeping is smart, honest, and professional. As a person who is not very organized, Laura was extra patient while I dug through my records to show me what was needed to file my tax return. She even took the time to help me make some changes that will make next year easier to organize. Laura’s office is cute, easily accessible and parking is not an issue. I highly recommend Laura to any business owner or individual for excellent tax planning and advice.”  - Debbie G.

“I decided to use P&L on the recommendation of a friend. My return wasn’t that complicated, but I just started a small business so I was a little worried about filing my taxes. I brought all my stuff in and was told my return would be done in a matter of days. I was kind of surprised that it would be that quick, but she called me and told me it was finished just as promised. The price was great, the service was great, and I will definitely be using P&L next year”.  - Nathan R.

“Laura has an excellent knowledge of complex tax situations. Her attention to detail and compliance is exceptional. And don’t let her sweetness fool you, she’s a tiger on the phone with the IRS!”  - Steven Smulewitz

“Laura has worked with me through several business transitions and major physical relocations over the years. Her expertise in handling the changes I throw at her is vast and the resources she uses to help me expand are extensive. Wherever I am in the world, she is my go-to person for accounting and referrals.”  - Peggy Beckett

“Laura did an excellent job for us guiding us through an IRS situation. We look forward to working with her more o other financial aspects of our business.”  - Jim and Joyce Malik

“Working with Laura has made my life easier in more ways than I can list. She tells me what to provide for her to do my taxes and she does them! I ask her questions and she answers in a timely manner. If she doesn’t know the answers (which is a rarity) she researches them and gets back to me. Laura is a lifesaver! When I had to file an extension she didn’t blink an eye.”- Kimberly Ann Hoffman, L. Ac MS-TCM

“Laura is an amazing bookkeeper and tax professional. She has extensive experience working with high-net individuals and understands their unique bookkeeping needs. Her thorough understanding of business and friendly manner make her an excellent tax professional for small businesses.”- Jill Mendenhall EA

“Laura is a trusted, reliable, tax service professional providing over twenty years of knowledge and experience delivered with personal attention and detail. I highly recommend her expertise for both personal and business bookkeeping and tax consultation.”

  - Margarita Del Coto

“I would highly recommend Laura for all your tax needs. She is thorough, professional, is experienced and knows her stuff when it comes to taxes. If you want your taxes done right the first time, hire her. Thanks!”  - Diane Castro

“I have hired Laura for the past two years to prepare my tax return, with great results. Laura is incredibly knowledgeable about tax laws and she was able to offer useful advice regarding my particular tax situation. Laura is also pleasant and willing to answer my questions by phone or email. I would highly recommend Laura as a tax expert.”  - Debi Geller

“Laura quickly assessed what we needed to do, gave me a recommendation, and the work was done promptly and with precision. I would recommend her.”  - David Castillo

“I have worked with Laura for years over the course of my career at different companies and it has been fantastic. She offers a great service at a terrific value. She has always been responsive to me and our mutual clients and I am excited every time we get to work together.”

  - Taylor Batt

“I had the pleasure of working with Laura through a mutual client we shared. Laura was always available, highly skilled and most importantly a pleasure to work with. She is a good at communicating and returns information/calls in a timely manner. I look forward to working with Laura again on other projects.”  - Celia Barbaccia

“Laura brought professionalism and competence to our group. She worked well at many levels – providing our group with much-needed financial support, going beyond what was needed by the group to help each of us individually, and doing it all pleasantly with a positive personality which helped us through difficult times.”  - Lance Welsh

“Laura is amazing. Taxes seem to set off stress levels of panic and fear. I was helping a family member resolve a big mess and Laura came to our rescue. She is such a good listener and has such a positive and calm demeanor, which is exactly what we needed. She is very transparent which is also a big issue for me. No surprises, a clear and calm explanation of the process. Incredible service. I am so relieved.”  - Lanie D

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